ITRA’s Members

Our members are distributed throughout Indiana; there's probably an ITRA member near you. As you'd expect nearly all of our members live in Indiana, but just over seven percent live in the surrounding states of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky and more distant states like Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho. Many ITRA households have more than one member; our Individual/Family plan allows a second member from a household at no additional cost. Most of our members are horse owners, and most have horse trailers, but these are not requirements. In a recent survey of members 98 percent reported being satisfied with their experience in ITRA. That satisfaction is reflected in the fact that people stick with ITRA: half of our members have been with ITRA over 10 years. But we also have lots of new folks coming in; a third of members have been in ITRA for less than five years.

Here's what long-time members say about being part of ITRA:

  • "In the time I have been a member of ITRA, I've found exactly what I was searching for in joining. A great group of individuals dedicated to equestrians’ rights and the preservation and maintenance of the places we ride."

  • "I am excited to be a part of an organization looking to the future of trail riding. My family, including grandchildren, love to camp and ride and I want to help preserve that legacy for them."

  • "My sons, now 16 and 19, say their fondest memories are of camping and trail riding, and it is important to me to preserve this tradition. I have enjoyed getting to know many of the ITRA 'family' members over the past 6 years."

  • "I love to trail ride and camp and appreciate seeing nature from atop of a horse and want to be able to help future generations to enjoy it."

  • "This is really an amazing group to be a part of! The efforts that each one of us does make a huge difference in the quality of the trails that we are lucky to be able to continue using throughout the state!"

  • "The amazing members make ITRA one of the greatest trail riding organizations in the nation."

  • "What I like best about ITRA is friends working together for a good cause."

Here's what new ITRA members say about why they joined ITRA:

  • "To stay informed about horse trails and plans in Indiana and to help clean and work on trails"

  • "Hoping to meet horse friends."

  • "To help keep trails open and ride with people who enjoy the parks as I do."

  • "To help with trail work and meet new people to ride with."

  • "To support Indiana trail riding."

  • "New people to ride with who have introduced me to more places to ride!"

If these people sound like the kind of folks you want to associate with, join us!