Join Us! 

If you are ready to help create and maintain the kinds of horse trails you want to ride on and camps you want to stay in, ready to pitch in with friends who love trail riding much as you do, then you're ready to join the Indiana Trail Riders Association. There are no special requirements for membership; you don't have to own a horse, a horse trailer, or a chainsaw! And at $30 per year, ITRA is affordable for everyone.  We look forward to having you join us in this rewarding work and to bringing you into this circle of friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join ITRA?

Any adult who has a passion for trailriding and who wants to ensure that Indiana horse trails continue to be beautiful and safe is welcome to join ITRA. You don't have to own a horse, a horse trailer, or any equipment.  You don't have to be a resident of Indiana. Got a disability? We can work with it!

Do I have to be recommended or sponsored by an ITRA member to join?

No, but if a current ITRA member has been actively encouraging you to join, please include their name as a "Referring Member" on the membership form.

When can I join ITRA or renew my membership?

New members can join at any time. Current members must renew their membership by March 31.

What types of membership are available?

Family membership: You can include a second adult member of your household in your ITRA membership at no extra cost. This can be a spouse, a partner, a parent or other relative, an adult child (18 or over), or any other adult residing at your address. On the membership form simply include the second household member's name and email address. The second member will receive the Trail Mix newsletter in their email. They will also be eligible to participate in all ITRA events and to vote in ITRA elections or referenda.

Association/Club membership: Equine and related organizations can join ITRA. Members of these organizations can participate in ITRA activities but may not vote.  The organization officer who completes the membership form will serve as ITRA's point of contact with the organization. ITRA will provide that person with one copy of the Trail Guide to the organization. The contact officer will receive an electronic copy of of the Trail Mix newsletter that may be distributed to their members if desired. Organizations wishing to join ITRA are subject to review and approval of the ITRA Board of Directors. 

Is the Trail Guide included with membership?

Note: A limited number of Trail Guides are printed for each new edition every three years.  Though additional copies may be printed, delays should be expected on requests after the initial print run has been exhausted.

What are my payment options?

You can pay electronically by credit card or with your PayPal account from our payments page here. If you'd prefer to mail a membership form with a check, use our printable membership form here.

What if I'm interested but not quite ready to join? 

Follow ITRA on Facebook for awhile and see what you think about the community!  You can also request to participate in one of our upcoming events as a guest. Talk to an ITRA member; there's probably one living near you. To find an ITRA member near you, to request guest status at an ITRA event, or to ask any question, email us at

What Our Members Say 

"I joined ITRA many years before I actually had a horse that I could trail ride. I knew I would someday have a trail horse, and I wanted to help ensure that when I did, the trails would still be there!"

"In the time I have been a member of ITRA, I've found exactly what I was searching for in joining. A great group of individuals dedicated to equestrians’ rights and the preservation and maintenance of the places we ride." 

“I joined to help keep trails open and to ride with people who enjoy the parks as I do.”

“I joined to be in a group that actively pursues horse trail maintenance and improvement, and also to meet and associate with more horse people.”