What ITRA Does:

Trail and Camp Work

Most of ITRA's work gets done in work sessions at horse parks around the state. The improvements to trails and facilities that ITRA undertakes are coordinated with park managers and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. ITRA generally conducts about six work sessions between early spring and late fall. Most are run on weekends. Some members don't find work sessions compatible with their schedules or abilities, but find other ways to contribute to ITRA's work.

The trail work ITRA does is often is cleanup--removing of limbs or even entire trees, or repair after flooding, or simply cleaning up the accumulation of trash. To work on the ITRA chainsaw team, volunteers must be trained and certified, and must use the proper safety gear.

In addition to trail work, ITRA also works on camp ground improvements. In the photo ITRA volunteers are installing a water line at Versailles State Park horse campground that previously had no running water. Through the efforts of ITRA volunteers now each individual campsite has a water hookup.

Sometimes ITRA volunteers actually create new trails at the request of the Department of Natural Resources or park management. ITRA has invested in equipment to undertake such work, such as this Vermeer skid steer. Interested volunteers learn how to safely operate the equipment.

Whether driving a piece of heavy equipment, clearing a trail on foot, or cleaning up a trail on horse back, ITRA volunteers' orange vests are a familiar and appreciated sight in Indiana's horse parks.

After a productive day of trail or camp work, ITRA volunteers always manage to spend some quality time relaxing around a campfire with friends, which may be the best part!

What Our Members Say

"ITRA has hard working volunteers. These people devote an enormous amount of time and resources to provide a safe experience for trail riders. They do not receive enough credit for their hard work."

"There are a lot of great hard-working people in this organization, and I wanted to be part of a group that takes trail riding seriously–and they do!"