Who We Are

The people who make up the Indiana Trail Riders Association (ITRA) are horse lovers who are willing to put their backs into maintaining high quality equine trails to ride on. And they're open to having some fun with friends while doing so! You don't have to possess special skills with machinery or tools to be a productive member of ITRA. Our members come from all walks of life, every corner of the state, and they represent the whole range of life experience. Our leaders are elected from the membership and have made the commitment of their time and energies to help ITRA carry out its mission.

Meet ITRA’s Leadership Team

Our officers are elected to a one-year term. Officers can serve up to three consecutive one-year terms. Our directors are elected by ITRA members to serve three-year terms. To learn about these folks, click here.

Meet ITRA’s Members

ITRA has hundreds of members. You may know people who are already members. New members join ITRA throughout the year. To learn more about our members, click here.