Trail Fund Donations

ITRA's Trail Fund helps to provide resources for trail and camp maintenance and development projects.  For some projects it is the sole source of funding.  For others it fills in gaps or provides required matching funds for grants. Trail Fund dollars have been used to purchase equipment, such as the rock hauler and the equipment trailer, that make projects much more efficient. Trail Fund dollars may also be spent on project materials, equipment rental or maintenance. No Trail Fund dollars go to overhead or administrative functions--all are spent directly on equipment and projects that maintain or improve horse trails and camps in Indiana.

Contributors to ITRA's Trail Fund can specify a project or property they want their gift to go toward.  Are trails in Brown County State Park dear to your heart?  You can specify that your Trail Fund donation is spent on those trails. Eager for those new electric campsites at Salamonie Lake? Send your Trail Fund dollars there!

The Trail Fund is maintained by ITRA's partner the Midwest Equine Trail Foundation (, a 501C3 charitable organization for which donations are tax deductible.  Donors should confer with their tax consultant about how such deductions may apply to their taxes.

To make a donation to the Trail Fund you can use the printable form here or donate by credit card or PayPal here.