ITRA’s Leadership Team 

ITRA Officers 

President Jim Tremain 

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In the time I have been a member of ITRA, I've found exactly what I was searching for in joining. A great group of individuals dedicated to equestrians’ rights and the preservation and maintenance of the places we ride. It has been a priority of mine to attend all of our functions and assist in any capacity needed or requested. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to support and promote our group as your President. I have always considered Indiana my home. In my travels I have been blessed to ride in many beautiful places, most memorably in Oregon while a member of Oregon Equestrian Trails. The gratification of riding in the mountains, scouting new trails along with clearing and maintaining the existing has brought me where I am today. My advice to any prospective or current ITRA member, whatever you do to contribute to our noble cause, no matter how much or little, it is us working as a group that makes a difference.

Vice President Barry Harvey 

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I am a lifetime member of the Indiana Trail Riders Association.  My wife, Jamie, and I live in Union County, home of Whitewater State Park.  We organized two ITRA work days this summer at Whitewater State Park to repair two of the bad hills, repair the hitching rails, and assist the Park in removing a blockage in Silver Creek which was flooding the trail at the crossing.   I have been on the ITRA chain saw crew for two years and have attended ITRA work days all over the State.  My wife and I, along with our furry Appaloosa friends, Pistol and Josie, and our canine supervisor, Forrest, enjoy working on our Indiana trails.  We own eleven horses and one pony mule.  I am also a Horse and Pony Director for the Fayette County 4-H Horse and Pony program.  

Treasurer Brian Harnish 

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My name is Brian Harnish the current treasurer of ITRA. I am a retired truck driver and long time member of ITRA. You will see me mowing the horse trails at Potato Creek. I am part of the chainsaw crew and have helped cut many trees off trails both north and south. My wife Cindy and I enjoy camping and riding at Potato Creek, Tippecanoe River and Salamonie Lost Bridge. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail and stopping to chat.

Secretary Mark Davis 

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I’m a retired mechanic. My wife's name is Patricia. We have been members of the Indiana trail Riders Association for four years. I live in Greencastle in West Central Indiana. I have volunteered in cleaning up various horse parks like Green Sullivan and Deam Lake. I have been involved with IHC and HHF for 15+ years. My wife and I have enjoyed trail riding over the last 20 years. We have seen the improvements this organization has made. I would like to help continue and preserve the natural beauty of our state parks. I enjoy being a part of this organization.

ITRA Directors 

Larry Sidell (Chair) 

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Hello, I’m Larry Sidell. My wife is Tammy. We live outside of Batesville. I got involved with ITRA in 2003 and became a Director for the first time in about 2005. In 2016, I was elected Vice President for a three-year term which then led to a three-year term as President, which has been an awesome experience to serve in that capacity. I ran for another term as Director because I ain’t ready to quit yet. The best thing I’ve done is on October 8, 2008 Ron McCoy and I met with the park managers and started the ball rolling for what is now Versailles State Park Horsemen’s Camp, which was dedicated on October 8,  2016. 

John Brunnemer

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I am a lifetime member of ITRA along with my wife, Hillary. I have two little boys, Parker and Adam who both love camping, riding, and anything to do with the outdoors. I have been part of the chainsaw crew for 10 years, and work at parks all over the state. 

Nancy Brunnemer

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My name is Nancy Brunnemer and I have been an ITRA member and director  for many years! I live near Indianapolis with husband Rob, two dogs, and Cody, my quarter horse.  Some of my  ITRA goals include continuing to work in partnership with state park and forest officials on trails and campgrounds, fund raising for future projects, and organizing volunteer efforts.  

Stephanie Clifton

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I am a lifetime member of the ITRA, and have been a member since 2015 with my husband Robbie.  I have been trail riding with family and friends since the early 1970’s in Southern Indiana.  My son’s, now 16 and 19, say their fondest memories are of camping and trail riding, and it is important to me to preserve this tradition.  I have enjoyed getting to know many of the ITRA “family” members over the past 6 years, and appreciate the opportunity to serve as a Director for the organization. 

Bill Crane

Amanda Farr

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I have been a member of ITRA going on three years. My husband is Kyle who I met while trail riding and camping in Hoosier National Forest with friends. Our first official date he took me to ITRA fall ride at Deam Lake. A few weeks later he took me to the fall clean-ups at O'Bannon and Brown County. I learned so much about ITRA and what they do in those two trips.

Kyle and I try to attend as many ITRA event as my job will allow. Kyle is part of the chainsaw crew, so during cleanup events we can make Kyle and I hit the trails to clear trees off the trails and pick up trash.

I am so happy to be apart of ITRA and look forward to helping with the horse trails in Indiana and preserving them for future generations.

Greg Hersberger

I am life member of ITRA serving as ITRA’s Chairman of the Board several terms. I have worked on innumerable ITRA trail projects around the State of Indiana, developing a close relationship with DNR officials.

Rita Hilt 

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I have been an ITRA director since 2013. I was instrumental in getting ITRA "up to date" with being able to utilize online payments through PayPal as well as credit cards when we have "in person" events like the horse fairs or annual meetings. I work with our treasurer to transfer and run reports to make sure that all the online payments are processed and membership and dues all stay up to date. I have been lucky enough to be involved with the fall cleanups at O'Bannon Woods and (hopefully more) at Brown County. Being that I am one of the "non retired" members, my work days are still tying up my "recreational" riding time! But I am hoping to see more trail time in the next couple years! 

Barb Ferguson

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Hi, I am Barb Ferguson, and my sidekick is Roxie. I have been an ITRA member for about 11 years and a Director for 9 years. I have been very involved with ITRA  events and focus on Clark State Forest – Deam Lake State Recreation Area. I, along with Connie Caudill of Daniel Boone Distance Riders and ITRA member Debbie Maschmeyer, created Friends of Clark Deam Horse Trails about 7 years ago. We have a fundraiser every November to generate funds to work on the horse trails. We use volunteers that work and help feed the crew. We work closely with the DNR managers and assistants. We are so proud of our volunteers that we have and the many donations each and every year. I live in Salem, Indiana with my husband Dennis, 2 horses and 1 really spoiled Toy Aussie, Stormy K. 

Larry Heyob

Erik Leamon

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My wife Juanita and I have been ITRA members for several years now and really enjoy camping and riding. My main focus has been Salamonie State Park, but I have also helped at Tippecanoe River State Park and Brown County. I’m looking forward to retirement to be able to travel more and visit other places as well.  I love anything outdoors and maintaining trails for future riders to enjoy.

Chris Riehl 

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I've been actively involved with the ITRA for several years and value our core principles. My family and I have been actively involved in maintaining and improving trails primarily at Versailles State Park and prior to that at Yellowwood State Forest. I helped organize the Midwest Equine Trail Foundation whose purpose is to seek funding for educating, designing, maintaining and building trails. Being at METF, we were able to fund purchases of equipment for the ITRA such as the Rock Hauler and Vermeer mini-skid steer via grants and private donations. I love to trail ride and camp and appreciate seeing nature from atop of a horse and want to be able to help future generations to enjoy it. Hope to see you on the trail sometime. 

Yvette Rollins

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I am a life member of the Indiana Trail Riders Association. I have served as an officer or director over the years. I have organized workdays at Greene Sullivan State Forest for 20 years making improvements to the campgrounds and trails. I helped raise funds for the Vermeer and other trails tools. I am on the IDNR Trails Advisory Board making sure we have an equestrian representative at the table and keeping trail riders aware of coming changes. I have represented Indiana Trails Riders and our accomplishments nationwide at trail symposiums and webinars. The amazing members make ITRA one of the greatest trail riding organizations in the nation. 

Greg Wilkins

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My wife Nancy and I have been members of the ITRA since 2004. We have owned horses and have been trail riding for over 30 years. I am a Battalion Chief for the Muncie Fire Department. As an ITRA director and a 30 year plus Muncie Light Horse club board member, I concentrate most of my efforts on the Prairie Creek horse trail system. I’ve dedicated the last two decades of my life to preserving and developing this local trail. I also work on ITRA trail projects.  

Brett Young

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Hey, my name is Brett Young.  I’ve been a member for a few years now and I love trail riding, camping, and other outdoor activities.  I have three kids.  The youngest two, Caden and Jocelyn, love riding with me and enjoy camping.  My oldest son, Wyatt, loves soccer and my wife, JoHanna, prefers to stay by the fire with a good book.  Most of my work has been in Salamonie State Forest, which is only about 10 miles from my home.  I look forward to continuing to help improve campgrounds and trails within the state to help ensure that trail riding is still available for future generations.