The Trail Guide

Where's the first place you go when planning a trail riding trip?  If it's not ITRA's Trail Guide, you're making it hard on yourself. The Trail Guide puts it all together for you, providing you with all the information you need about 51 camping and trail riding sites around Indiana. That includes 

Other features include information about where to obtain trail tags, DNR rules for firewood,  checking your horse's vital signs, Indiana large animal vets, tips for preventing snakebites, and more.  The Trail Guide includes information about Indiana state parks, DNR-managed land, the Hoosier National Forest, rails-to-trails, and privately-owned trails.

Stop bouncing around all over the internet for Indiana horse trail and camping information!  The Trail Guide puts it all right at your fingertips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my hands on a Trail Guide?

Not on Amazon. The Trail Guide is only available to ITRA members. You get a free Trail Guide when you join ITRA. You get another free Trail  Guide every fifth anniversary of your membership. As an ITRA member, you can purchase replacement or additional copies at $20 apiece. An additional $6 postage fee applies if you want your Trail Guide mailed to you. You can join ITRA and put your order in for a Trail Guide using your credit card or PayPal here, or use our mail-in form here.

How often is Trail Guide updated?

A new edition comes out every five years, with the most current in 2022.  The Trail Guide is currently in its 20th edition.

Can I see some sample pages of the Trail Guide?

Sure. Click here.

What Our Members Say

"It's a great publication!" 

"[I like] finding information about campsites when I'm going to a new location so I can get an idea of where I would like to make the campsite reservation. It is very clear and concise."  

"It's good to know different riding and camping options." 

"Love it!" 

"I love the Trail Guide but my copy was 'borrowed' a couple years ago."