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Referring Member: If a new member has been recommended for or encouraged to join ITRA by a current member, include his/her name as a “Referring Member.”

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Print/Electronic Newsletter: ITRA publishes the Trail Mix newsletter every other month. All members are emailed a copy upon its publication. Members wanting an additional print copy be sent to them should check the appropriate box.

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Family/Individual Membership: A second adult member of a household may be included in a Family membership at no additional cost. Second members should be shown as “Spouse” and a second email should be provided for that person.


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Association (Club) Membership: Equine-related organizations may become affiliates of ITRA upon approval by the ITRA Board of Directors. Affiliate organizations will be entitled to one complimentary copy of Trail Guide and the Trail Mix newsletter will be emailed to one address in the organization. Members of affiliate organizations can particpate in IRTA events.


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Trail Fund Donations: ITRA maintains a fund to be used for trail maintenance/enhancement projects. Confer with a tax consultant about the deductibility of Trail Fund donations.

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