Indiana Trail Riders Association 

Good horse trails don't just appear.  People have to create them. People have to maintain them.  People have to care about them. 

As serious trail riders, the members of the Indiana Trail Riders Association want to ensure that quality riding trails continue to thrive in Indiana. We coordinate with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to keep our state's riding trails open, safe, and beautiful. We even help create new trails when called upon.

So if you're a trail rider who wants to keep riding on great trails in Indiana, join us! Help us keep the trail in trail riding. 

ITRA’s Mission 

The purpose of the Indiana Trail Riders Association is to promote trail riding and equine activities in Indiana and the surrounding area. The ITRA is involved on the local, state and national levels striving to promote and improve trails and campgrounds.

We work actively educating the public on the value of our parks and trails as well as sponsoring and organizing workdays on several recreational properties in the hope that the natural beauty we enjoyed on horse back will be available for future generations.

To learn the latest about what ITRA is doing for Indiana trails, check out the current issue of our newsletter, Trail Mix, here.